Glittered Sunsets

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"The one thing I know for sure is that feelings are rarely mutual, so when they are, drop everything, forget belongings and expectations, forget the games, the two days between texts, the hard to gets because this is it, this is what the entire world is after and you’ve stumbled upon it by chance, by accident––so take a deep breath, take a step forward, now run, collide like planets in the system of a dying sun, embrace each other with both arms and let all the rules, the opinions and common sense crash down around you. Because this is love kid, and it’s all yours. Believe me, you’re in for one hell of a ride, after all––this is the one thing I know for sure."
Beau Taplin || The one thing I know for sure.  (via afadthatlastsforever)

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only way to get through the day sometimes is to leave the house in a nice lipstick. 

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Nastya Ptichek

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stop hating on girls who wanna kiss people in museums or aquariums or art galleries stop hating on girls who want things that might be cliche stop hating on girls who want boys to treat them like they’re magic i will protect all girls with my life and just because they care about things that you don’t doesn’t give you the right to belittle them ok i will fight u

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"Woman. Do not wait for a poet. You are already poetry."
A little spray paint and a dead wall can shake you up. Lessons learned in Bogotá.


"Woman. Do not wait for a poet. You are already poetry."

A little spray paint and a dead wall can shake you up. Lessons learned in Bogotá.

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order a fucking pizza with me and watch a fucking shitty film with me and play with my fucking hair and wear my fucking tees to bed and fall asleep in my fucking arms you fucking fuck 

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Stay updated with this latest dance from Nigeria called Skelewu.

Music Skelewu by Davido, Choreo by LipStik Bandits

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"My soul is a hidden orchestra; I know not what instruments, what fiddle strings and harps, drums and tambourines I sound and clash inside myself. All I hear is the symphony."
— Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet (via larmoyante)

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you ever look at a kink and think “nah” then a few years later look at the same kink and go “actually yes”

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I think he’s a keeper


I think he’s a keeper

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Prolaz, project about the continuous change experienced in the Balkans over the last years. It’s about the complexity of the human condition during the region’s transition toward democracy. It’s a personal view on the tension and the contradiction occurring here.

I started my journey in 2004 from Istanbul, I decided to start from Turkey, to capture the influence of Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.
And continue in subsequent years in different cities and surroundings from Albania, Bosnia, Bucharest, Croatia, Hezegovina, Kosovo, Istanbul, Macedonia, Montenegro, Sofia, Serbia, Skopje, Thessaloniki.

— Fabio Sgroi

A land of unsure boundaries, where opposites both attract and repel each other. The last decade has violently changed the physical and psychological dimension of these towns, evolving them into a nationalist drama and perhaps the conclusion of an irreversible sense of their own being. Nevertheless, there are vibrant feelings of hope and fear, stemming from the people’s conflicting sense of their cultural heritage.

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Steampunk heels equipped with gears, tubes and LED lights / The Trendaholic

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